Ultrasonic Travel Washing Machine

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Your Perfect MINI Washer for Your Small, Lightweight Clothings.

Ultrasonic Travel Washing Machines is convenient and reliable for anywhere use. Featuring sleek and smaller size, it is meant for use in traveling. It's ideal to have in RVs, dorms, condos, or whenever you need to be on the move.

It is recommended for washing socks, baby clothes, wash shirts, under-garments, and dresses among others. In addition to this, it's a very powerful unit that has suction cups that can stick at the sides and the bottom providing excellent and quick cleaning needed. That said, it will easily soak the light clothes using the right amount of water--very economic and practical.


🌊HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of eco-friendly ABS, the mini washing machine is nontoxic, firm and wear resistant. It can hold 1KG laundry weight. 

🌊USB POWER & SAFE: USB power supply, DC5V, 2A/3A, 6W, working power is 1.5W. After the washing machine has been in operation for 40 minutes, it will automatically shut down and restart the USB plug to work after one minute.

🌊2-IN-1 CLEANING: The turbine will reverse for 20 seconds automatically after it rotates 20 seconds. Turbine works for 6 minutes and then automatic ultrasonic vibration cleans for one minute.The mini washing machine will turn off automatically in 40 minutes.

🌊MULTI-FUNCTION & EASY TO CARRY: This mini washing machine is perfect for washing light clothes, such as Tie, T-shirt, Underwear, Baby clothes, etc. that need to be cleaned separately. It works as a machine to clean vegetables and fruit as well. In its portable size, the machine can be placed in pockets or tote bags. Perfect for students, travelers and businessmen.

🌊STERILIZATION EFFECT: With advanced high frequency vibration and forward reverse cleaning with turbine, the mini washing machine activates the chlorine in the tap, dispersing, emulsifying and peeling stain quickly for deep cleaning. Less water and laundry liquid is used than a normal washing machine.


Two Modes

Rotation Mode

Rotate clockwise for 20 seconds then counterclockwise for 20 seconds. It simulates the rotating mode of the washing machine, removing stains from clothes and dust from fruits and vegetables (cleaning of clothes and fruits should be separated)

Ultrasonic Mode

After 6 minutes of rotation, the ultrasonic cleaning will work for 2 minutes. The rotation and ultrasonic modes take a total of 40 minutes. Additionally, it features its ultrasonic sterilization rate of up to 99%, which perfectly removes dirt from the clothes.


Size: 10*5.5cm     

Rated voltage: 10V     

Rated power: 6W     

Power supply mode: USB     

Capacity: 501ml-700ml     

Material: ABS Color: White     

Package Inclusion:

1 x MINI Washing Machine

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