NuLight™️ - Magnetic Levitation Bulb

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Surprisingly amazing. This novelty magnetic induction light bulb sure has its own fantastic way of lighting up your space.

Set the bulb, and you'll witness a magical, yet real levitation as it slowly dancing mid-air.

Designed from one of the best innovations of the decade, this LED Light Bulb is energy-efficient. It lights up a soft warm glow which is powered through--guess what--the air.

It's a combination of magnetic levitation and induction that makes this floating night light cost-efficient as well.

The floating lamp features safe LEDs, so it could last a long time and don't need to be replaced.

A simple tap on the surface can turn on and off this floating light bulb.

Completing this product is its minimalist design which can easily be added to your home decor whether for bedrooms, living area, or home office.

  • Wireless power transmission
  • Environmental friendly materials
  • Powered through electromagnetic induction
  • Soft warm white light
  • Energy and cost-efficient
  • Ideal home upgrade

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