Mobile Phone Chest Mount Harness Strap Holder, Head Mount, Chest Mount

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Style: Phone Chest Mount
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Hands-free solution to keeping your phone easily accessible while on the go.

This innovative device straps onto your chest, allowing you to conveniently store your phone within arm's reach without the need for bulky pockets or purses.
Designed with comfort in mind, the chest phone holder is adjustable to fit any body type and is made from breathable and lightweight materials.
Ensuring maximum comfort even during extended wear.

The holder is also equipped with a secure locking mechanism, ensuring your phone stays in place while you move.

Perfect for Outdoor Activities

Provides a safer alternative to holding your phone while walking or running, reducing the risk of dropping or losing your device.
The chest phone holder allows you to stay connected and access your phone's features without interruption.

Ideal for an Active Lifestyle

Practical and convenient solution for anyone who needs quick and easy access to their phone while on the move. Features comfortable design and secure locking mechanism.

Hands-Free for Vlogs

This phone holder offers versatile positioning options for both horizontal and vertical orientations. With its J-Hook and long screw design, the phone can be easily rotated by 90 degrees. 
The strap is adjustable. Suitable for individuals with varying body sizes.
Fit over bulky winter jackets.

Stable Structure

Equipped with non-slip rubber pads at both the top and bottom to prevent sliding.
By using the mini wrench provided to fasten the long screw to the J-hook mount, the mobile phone clip can be adjusted to the desired angle and securely held in place, ensuring stable and steady shots.

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