Mattress Wedge Elevator, Ergonomic Mattress Lifter, Lift Handy Tool

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Color: Light Blue
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Need help in the bedroom? We've got you covered!

   The Mattress Wedge Elevator is here to make changing linens an easier job than ever!
Its handle is designed for ease of use – you can use one hand or two!

Insert the Wedge Elevator between your mattress and box springs to lift your mattress 4-5 inches. Then use it to remove sheets, apply bed skirts quickly, tuck in linens, and crisply smooth sheets.

Don't let flipping that last corner of a tight sheet be a hassle any longer; get yourself a Mattress Wedge Elevator today.

Lifts & Holds Mattress

Just insert between mattress & box spring---IMPORTANT: Make sure there is a Boxspring for the lifter to slide on and function. This device will not work with mattresses on a bed frame that has a lip or raised edge.

Make Bed Faster & Easier

Studies prove that when using two tools, one placed on both sides of the mattress, bed-making becomes faster and easier, particularly helpful when placing or removing bed skirts. Furthermore, this bed-making tool reduces strain on your shoulders and back while changing linens

Ergonomic Designed Handle Provides Comfort And Choice

The handle was specifically designed to allow you to use one hand or two; Insert the tool between the mattress and box springs to lift your mattress 4–5 inches

Tucks, Lifts, Removes Sheets, Puts on Bed Skirts & More

 Use the bedmaker tool to remove sheets easier, apply bed skirts quickly, and tuck in linens and crisply smooth sheets; Use it to flip that last corner of a tightly fitted sheet into place

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