Loop Lasso Rope Launcher Toy

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Color: Dark Green
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Physics meets Fun for all ages

A mesmerizing stress reliever…this zippy moving sculpture really holds your gaze.

When you fire up the Loop Lasso automatic string shooter in front of friends, family, or strangers, the effect is always the same. Confusion turns into interest, interest turns into delight! They might not understand how it works (unless they're engineers or physicists) but they’ll instantly know they love it.

➰ Powerful Technology

The perfect relationship between momentum, inertia, and air resistance transforms how the string behaves.

➰ Perfect Stress Reliever

​If you like lava lamps and fish tanks, you’ll love this more! Fire up the Loop Lasso anytime you need the perfect relaxation tool.

➰ With the Longest Battery Ever

Super portable, but still packs enough power in the rechargeable lithium-ion battery to keep the fun going for hours.

➰ Enthuses Kids About Science

The fun element is great for sparking curiosity, and this compulsive little gizmo is all about fun!

➰ Change the way you relax and unwind.

Like nothing you've ever seen before, the floating string loop bends and ripples under your touch, and it’s hard not to get lost in that strange and delightful moment.

➰ A pocket-sized fun gadget for kids of all ages...

... including grown up ones! From lassoing household objects, to playing limbo, to blowing out candles, the Loop Lasso is only limited to your creativity.

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