Interactive USB Floppy Toy Fish

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Fish Species: Blue Dwarf Gourami
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Discover the best Cat Toy, your pets will never resist.

Entertaining toy for cats and dogs! Wiggles just like a real fish. Stays motionless when pets leave it alone!



The revolutionary flopping Fish Toy is designed to keep your pets busy, reducing the extreme stress for the time you leave them alone. This toy comes in handy when you're at work, have other important tasks to tend to, or want some quiet alone time.


More than 75% of dogs display anxiety, boredom, and stress. The floppy fish provides the mental stimulation that combats boredom, satisfies their instincts, and improves overall happiness and excitement for our loved ones.


our USB Fish Toy prevents destructive behaviors from our lonely pups, resulting in less breakage of household items that can be potentially dangerous or hazardous.


  • Realistic Fish Stimulation: This USB Fish Toy looks and moves like a real fish! It's interactive as its swings into action as soon as your fur babies touch it and stay still when left alone. The smart built-in sensor makes it flop faster during play and slows down when it detects no motion.

  • Motion-based sensor: USB Fish Toy is portable and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has a great swing and quiet motor sound that takes playtime and bonding to a whole new level. Thus, a great way to stimulate natural instincts in your fur babies.

  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery: This fish toy includes a built-in battery and USB cable for quick and easy recharging on the go. A full charge lasts for days. This means even more play, increasing fun, and decreasing your pet's stress and anxiety.
  • Durable & Pet-safe Material: The floppy fish toy comes with strong bulletproof high0quality padding that is built to protect the motor. It's built to withstand bites and scratches, helping it remain highly durable to keep your pets safe at all times.

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