HomePets™ Dog Water Feeder-Bottle

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Color: Pink
Size: 350ml
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"I cannot imagine using any other travel water bottle for my pups!

It is slim, fits perfectly in a bottle slot in my travel bag. It is lightweight and has a loop to put around my wrist when I walk with my pups. It is extremely convenient on car rides when my pup is thirsty and needs a quick pick-me-up! 

I especially love the fact that it sucks the water back in so that I am not wasting unused water. The 12oz bottle is perfect for tiny dogs. Anything bigger than 10 lbs, I would recommend you purchase the larger bottle."


Pet owners know the importance of hydration for their dogs, especially energetic or young puppies. So if you're often traveling with your fur babies, water is one of the things you should be ready at hand anytime.

This is the reason HomePets™ Dog Water Bottle is made. It's perfect for any outdoor activity with your pups. This product features two functions of a water bottle and a dog bowl. 


One of the priorities when looking for pet products is their safety. So, we make sure that our dog water bottle is eco-friendly and FDA approved. It's also BPA-free, lead-free, and made of food-grade plastic that is durable and recyclable.


With its one-hand, one-button operation, the Portable Pet Dog Water Bottle portable water dispenser was developed with simplicity in mind. Tilt the bottle down and press the button to dispense water into the dish.

There is also a lock button with a silica gel seal ring that stops water from leaking or spilling when not in use. It's lightweight, portable, and convenient to carry in a bag, backpack, or sling.


With 2 sizes available: 350ml (12oz) and 550ml (18.5oz). Aside from the size of your pets, you may also want to consider the average lengths of your travel to estimate the right size to choose.

Each of these water feeder-bottle incorporates a slot to attach a sling for easy carrying.


✔ Leak-Proof

✔ No Water Waste

✔ Made with Food-Grade Safe Material

✔ One-hand operation

✔ Open/Lock Key 

✔ Modern and Functional Design


  1. Keep the bottle horizontal, slide the lock key right to unlock, press the water key to fill water. Release the water key to stop the water.

  2. After feeding, slide the lock key left to lock and prevent water leakage.

  3. Keep the puppy dog water bottle out of hot water over 176℉/80℃.

  4. DON’T wash with a dish-washing machine.

  5. DON’T press the water key hard when the lock key is locking.

  6. DON’T put these in the cup: dry ice, chocolate, soda water, milk, etc.

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