HNDs Electric Safety Nail Clipper

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Color: Black
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Trims & Smoothens Finger Nails at the Same Time

Safe Nail Clipping for Everyone.

Easy to Operate  

Children or elder people can use this electric nail clipper without reading the user manual. This nail trimmer is ONE BUTTON OPERATION. 

You only need to press the button and the electric nail clipper will create a wonderful finish to your nails–All grinding, filing & polishing of nails, plus vacuuming the nail debris at the same time. 

Compared with traditional nail clippers, this electric nail clipper makes trimming nails so easy, neat, smooth, and complete.

Safe for Babies 

Never worry about cutting a baby's fingers by accident. This nail clipper is ergonomically designed, making it very comfortable to hold. 

This electric baby nail clipper is also 100% safe. The blade is hidden behind a slot that protects fingers. You can even trim nails with your eyes closed or in the dark. This nail clipper is good for the elderly who doesn't have a good vision or those who have arthritis.

Instant Collect of Nail Clippings 

With these nail clippers, you will never worry about the cut-off nail debris flying everywhere, and no worry about spending much time hunting the nail debris. 

This nail clipper has a built-in debris storage box, when the nail clipper works, it vacuums the cut-off nail debris into the storage box automatically. 

So, you can use this nail file or nail trimmer or nail clipper everywhere, in the office, on the bed, in the car, etc., it collects nail dust itself.

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