HairLuxePro™ Massage & Detangle Brush - for Curly Hairlocks

Color: Mint Green
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Trying to get out of your tangled hair every single day is almost unbearable. It's taking a lot of time and effort from you. At times you just want to cry, but you know that that won't help.

"There has to be a way out of this loop, right?"

While you can find a lot tips on the internet on how to make it easier, One thing you should eye for is getting the right detangler for your hair.

Our HairLuxePro™ Massage & Detangle Brush is your hair companion that offers flexible brushing of hair with its separate nylon bristles. It's ideal to undo knotted hair without pulling or hurting your own scalp. It's also specifically designed for Type 4 coily-kinky / Type 3 curly hair - 4B & 4C.


Wet and Dry: This detangling brush is suitable for both wet and dry hair; You can use it when you wash your hair, removing tangles while massaging and cleaning the scalp. Its hollow design allows hair to dry quickly and evenly.

Healthy Hair Care: Many people ignore the function of a hair brush and keep changing shampoos and hair masks. Now is time to try HairLuxePro™ Detangling Brush. Not only for detangling it acts as a massager for the scalp as well and prevents the pain from the knotted hair. 

Easy To Use:

  1. Apply conditioner or wet your hair with water beforehand. 
  2. Brush hair while holding the brush in a vertical position. 
  3. Then flip and brush again while holding Detangling Brush in a horizontal position. 

Enjoy smooth, shiny, and knotless hair once again with these 3 simple steps. 

Use HairLuxePro™ Massage & Detangle Brush and get solution for your everyday tangled hair.

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