3 in 1 Hot Compress Full Hand Massager, Wireless, Therapy for Arthritis, Pain Relief

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Struggling with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or dreadful pain in your fingers and joints?

The brand-new Hand Massager will relieve joint pain, muscle fatigue, and soreness from your hands or your money back. Try it now with our results or a full refund guarantee.

Hand saving benefits:

  • Air compression massage to relieve pain
  • Heating function for soothing joints
  • Acupressure setting for muscle release
  • Perfect for arthritis, carpal tunnel, and sore hands
  • USB rechargeable


Struggling with joint pain?


Your hands do a lot for you.

Repetitive activities like typing and sewing can bring about hand and joint issues like arthritis and carpal tunnel. The result is tingling, numbness and even severe pain that makes life a struggle.

This Hand Massager uses the power of air compression massage, along with acupressure, hot compress and vibrations which relieves muscle and joint pain in the hand and wrist.

Benefits include increased circulation, soreness relief and reduced stiffness, numbness and symptoms of carpal tunnel.


The perfect massage.


The Hand Massager features 6 different modes to match your specific needs. Begin at the lowest pressure and work your way up until you find a mode to match your level of pain.

This device is equipped with thermal power to warm up cold, stiff joints. As extremities, fingertips often experience poor circulation. Improve blood flow with heat therapy to soothe joints faster, reduce hand fatigue and soreness, relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel and promote relaxation.

Our device was designed to conform and cater to any hand size, to give you the perfect pain-relieving massage. Every single time.


What are the hand saving benefits?

  • Relieve pain and tension

  • Prevent health issues

  • Improve blood flow

  • Increase joint flexibility

Who is it for?


If you’re someone who engages in repetitive tasks with your hands like: typing, sewing drawing, painting or photography…

Or if you struggle with issues like carpal tunnel, arthritis and tired/sore joints, then the Hand Massager has been created for you.

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