It Was My Third Night On Neighborhood Watch Duty,

And These Affordable Night Vision Binoculars Helped Me Stop A Burglar

By Art Fitzgerald

An honest product review by a neighborhood watch captain. I live in a small town with less than 95,000 people.

Despite its modest size, we have our fair share of crime. But we experienced a significant uptick ever since things opened back up from the pandemic.

At first, the crimes were contained to the usual areas on the lower east and west sides of town. However, the events began to creep out of the normal danger zones and became increasingly bizarre as they encroached the underbelly of our quiet neighborhood. These weren't your ordinary headlines folks. These headlines were some real jaw-droppers.

"Two City Workers Resign After Garbage Truck Hit By Gunfire."

"Local Woman Killed In Her Driveway During Driveby Shooting."

In fact, here's a more recent one as of this writing …

"Man Fatally Shot In The Head While Holding An Infant."

Like I said, the headlines were getting worse by the day and people in my neighborhood were concerned to say the least.

We all became more alarmed when one of the neighbors had two of her home's security cameras stripped away and stolen by masked individuals. That's what prompted us to start a neighborhood watch.

We made it official by organizing it with the local authorities, and I was appointed as one of the Block Captains. Since I spent some time in the military and did a brief tour in Afghanistan, I gladly welcomed the responsibility.

I was three nights in on watch duty, perched up on the roof of my split-level ranch home when I noticed something peculiar.

Yes, I know it's strange that I was on the roof of my ranch but I have a logical explanation. My ranch house sits on a graded hill and it has two roof tops that are relatively easy to access from the back patio. I'd spent many occasions on top of them repairing blown off shingles. So, I wasn't the least bit worried about surveying the neighborhood from on top of them.

Anyways, it turned out to be a great vantage point for my Infrared Vision Binoculars. Because the spot enabled me to capture the video that you see below. Keep in mind that it was shot in pitch darkness.

I didn't know the creep in the video, but the image captured here helps you get a pretty good look at him. I can't believe he was attempting to break and enter a home without a mask on. These crooks are getting bolder by the minute!

Thankfully, my Infrareds enabled me to capture video that shows his face clear as day. Mind you I was about 50 yards away.

Since I was too far away to confront the aspiring intruder myself, I radioed one of the other Watch Captains who lived about five blocks down. He called the authorities right away. Moments later, sirens were blaring towards our vicinity and the mischievous crook took off.

Situation averted!

But here's where the story gets better …

While the aspiring home invader initially got away, I posted the video in our neighborhood watch group. It turns out that the home owners recognized the person in the video. His name and video were turned into the authorities, and it looks like he's going to be explaining his actions in court.

Hopefully, this article serves up a few powerful reminders for homeowners everywhere.

  • One, it's your responsibility to secure your house and your family's safety.
  • Two, the best defense are preventive measures that involve teamwork with people in the neighborhood along with local authorities.
  • Three, don't just rely on mounted security cameras when it comes to neighborhood surveillance. Get yourself an affordable pair of Infrared Vision Binoculars.

You'd be wise to buy the same brand that I got. They're sold by The New Box Club, and these things have all the bells and whistles with a reasonable price tag.

Here are the key features …

  • A 10x magnification lens with a 24mm diameter a 4-bit digital zoom for magnified observation of activities off in the distance.
  • No-Glow Infrared Illumination to view activity in complete darkness.
  • Controls to record high-quality videos and photos in daylight or darkness.


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