Auger Wrench Hand Drill

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Our Auger Wrench Hand Drill is an outdoors survival multitool for Campers, Survivalists, and Bushcrafters.

With this tool you can build anything from camping tools to traps, to outdoor primitive shelters - even a settler's cabins with furniture - all with one lightweight and easy-to-carry tool that has infinite uses.

This hand drill doesn't just make holes but also makes a peg the exact size to fit the drilled hole so you'll never run out of cordage again. It is the ultimate tool that can turn your imagination into reality.

Precise Sharpness

Made of high-quality hardened oxidized steel materials, the settler wrench is easy to drill, sharp and durable. Comes with professional welding technology to link the Scottish eye cutter and wood drill bits. Its 4 sharp outer corners make your drilling easier.


This hand drill can not only bore a connector hole but also make the connection peg for you. This tool has so many uses that it eliminates the need for making cordage and enables you to make unlimited items and structures. Use it to help you make fish traps, chairs, drinking steins, and other tools like mallets, ladders, or pump drills. It will even help you make an entire cabin.

Precise and Efficient

Each hand drill is professionally polished to make perfect holes. Sharp and durable. One great feature of the handle piece is that it is capable of passing a stick or branch all the way through it. This allows you to turn the drill with more leverage making it easier to drill out that perfect hole.


Take this gear when you're outdoors camping, bushcrafting, building a primitive cabin in the wild, or making an emergency shelter.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Auger Wrench Hand Drill
  • 1 x Leather Cover

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