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Our Baby Tooth Box is a wonderful way to preserve the childhood memories of your little one. Handmade with fine grinding, the smooth contour ensures that kids' hands won’t be scratched or hurt while handling it. Plus, the box is made from 100% wood, making it durable and corrosion-resistant for permanent storage.

This perfectly crafted box allows for tracking a child’s growth in an organized fashion. Not only store teeth safely, but also store umbilical cord and lanugo as keepsakes. Use a pen to personalize your ID information inside the box, so you never forget the basic details about your baby. Both beautiful and functional, this truly makes a heartwarming gift - perfect for holidays and birthdays!

Give your precious one lasting memorabilia with our Baby Tooth Box and watch them grow up with ease and joy!

  • KEEP MEMORIES ALIVE: Looking for the perfect baby tooth fairy box to collect your baby’s deciduous first teeth? If so, We have here the cutest baby keepsake storage box to help you get started! Makes the most thoughtful baby shower gift to a friend!

  • PREMIUM WOODEN BOX: Safely carry and preserve your kid’s first teeth in this meticulously designed tooth box! Rest assured that this tooth storage box can be kept for long time.

  • RECORD THE TEETH CHANGING PROCESS: This wood tooth box has openings for all the first teeth. Place the shedding teeth inside the gaps and keep them safe! On the top, you can write baby’s personal information, like name, birth weight or even blood type!

  • EASY STORING & MAINTENANCE: Follow the next steps and keep the deciduous teeth intact forever. Place the teeth into some boiling water to sterilize, then naturally dry them in a ventilated area and lastly, put them in the tooth fairy box! Simple as that!

  • GET THIS KEEPSAKE BABY GIFT BOX RISK FREE: Our tooth fairy storage teeth boxes come with bonus tweezers for easier handling of small objects like cute baby teeth!

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