Wide Angle Panoramic Rearview Mirror

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Size: 27cmX6.5cm
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Reduce blind spots, fight off glare and ensure your safety while driving with this Wide Angle Panoramic Rearview Mirror.

Guaranteed Safety

You'll no longer have to turn your head or twist your neck to see over your shoulder! To ensure your safety and the safety of other road users, this rearview mirror extends your field of vision and eliminates blind spots. Most of the top half of the back seats can be seen in this extra-wide rearview mirror, as can the full-back window and portions of the back side windows.

Drive with Clarity

Using high-definition and durable glass fiber composites, this rearview mirror filters out the light from the vehicle behind you, guaranteeing a crystal clear image without distortions at any time of day or night. Nighttime driving is no longer complicated.

Anti-Shake and Anti-Flash Technology

When driving on a highway or bumpy road, the four clips on the rearview mirror keep the original mirror from swaying or possibly falling off. Anti-splash design also prevents broken glass from flying out of the frame, even if the mirror breaks in an accident.

Quick and Simple Setup

Within 30 seconds, the installation is complete. Two clips allow you to fine-tune the fit of this auto mirror. It's as simple as hooking the upper clips, lowering the bottom clips to secure, and adjusting the angle. Installation and disassembly are a cinch.

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