Wash H2o™ Shower Filter - 17 Stages Water Filtration

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Struggling With Skin Problems? Bath water may be the actual cause of your problems.
Impurities like chlorine, dirt, odors, and scale from hard water are often linked to skin problems. 

Discover Wash H2o™ Shower Filter with 17 stages of filtration. This beauty filter leaves your skin feeling healthy. 

With Wash H2o, eliminating these impurities can lessen dry skin, acne, and ill-health. The shower filter can also help promote the growth and strength of hair skin and nails

✔ No Tools Required – Screws On to Your Current Showerhead

✔ Promotes Stronger Hair & Nails

✔ Purifies Your Water. Beautifies Your Body

✔ Supports Elimination of Acne. Dandruff. Eczema & More

✔ Universally Compatible – Rain shower; Fixed or hand held

✔ Replaceable Cartridge Pre Installed


Most filters for showers eliminate some chemicals for a short time but do nothing to restore the damage done to your hair, nails, and skin. Our ADVANCED MULTI-STAGE HEALTH FILTER reduces Chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dirt, and odors, and helps control scale buildup plus restores what your hard, chemical-filled water did to your hair, skin, and nails!


If you can snap together Legos, you can easily remove your old shower filter or chlorine filter and replace it with this in minutes! Because we believe life should be EASY, we ENGINEERED the FITTING, so IT WORKS with ALL SHOWER TYPES – including fixed, rain, and handheld. No tools are required.


1.) Unscrew your current shower head.
2.) Screw your new shower head filter.
3.) Connect your current shower head back to the end of the new shower filter.

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