Vitality™ Cervical Traction Device

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Experience The Efficient Pain Alleviation For Your Neck And Shoulders.

Many people endure neck pain.

But, it can be debilitating when left unsolved.

In the long run, it’s not easy to live with and can greatly interfere with daily life.

People will then try to treat neck pain at home using simple over-the-counter pain pills or ice packs.

But, this doesn’t always 'cure' the pain. And doesn’t work well for everyone.


✔ Relieves Painful Neck and Upper Back Stiffness, Headaches, and Fatigue

✔ Restores the Natural Curve of the Neck and Upper Back Regions

✔ Decompresses and Hydrates Discs in the Neck and Upper Back Regions

✔ Reduces and Corrects Forward Head and Neck Posture

✔ Manage Joint, Sprain, and Spasm Pain

✔ Alleviate Bulging or Herniated Cervical Discs

✔ Relief from Pinched Nerves

✔ Improves Flexibility and Ranges of Motion

✔ Helps to Treat Whiplash Injury


Hunching over your computers, tablets, and smartphones is one of the common causes.

It triggers muscle strains.

Even minor things, such as reading in your bed, can add up to this.

Not to mention, sleeping position, poor posture and even accidentally jerking over your neck while exercising or stretching.

It can all put pressure on your neck… How?

Imagine, you're carrying an object the same weight as a bowling ball all day long. That's equivalent to how your neck does its job to support your head.

It's a tough job, clearly, and can be delicate.


Vitality™ Cervical Traction is a non-invasive way and effective care system for the neck, shoulder, and spine.

This at-home cervical device keeps cervical vertebrae active, prevents cervical spondylosis, and retains a proper posture.

It's a clinically proven cervical device that offers maximum support to relieve neck pain and improve posture in seconds.


This innovative device helps you lift all the pressure from your neck.

By providing cervical traction therapy, it helps decompress your spine, relieve pressure on nerve cells, and reduce the inflammation that is causing your neck pain.

With medically proven therapy and patent technology, Vitality™ Cervical Traction basically helps you through:

  • Relieving soreness, fatigue
  • Relaxing neck muscles
  • Helping treat degenerated, bulging, and herniated cervical discs



☑ ELECTRONIC TRACTION – The Dynamic Wedge Pneumatic cervical traction device creates incline traction that helps realign the cervical vertebra.

☑ RELIEVE PAIN – Cervical traction is an effective process that helps relieve the ails of bad posture, muscle rigidity, and pain.

☑ HEAT THERAPY – The heat combined with the cervical stretch helps increase the stretch and loosen tight muscles.

☑ FREQUENCY IMPULSES – Frequency impulses help conduct to the nerves to block pain signals and relieve pain.

☑ ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Compact and easy to use and store.

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