Universal Handheld Quick Strippers - Machine Combo with 10 Blades

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Set: Blade 10pcs
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Say goodbye to the pocket knife / hobby knife for stripping copper cables!

Universal Handheld Quick Strippers is a practical tool that can help you strip wires quickly, efficiently, and safely. It's equipped with a sharp and adjustable blade, allowing it to process a wide variety of wires without a hitch!

You can ensure a clean cut without placing yourself in harm's way!

Forget about using a pocket knife or a utility knife whenever you strip copper wires! Quick Strip is tiny and portable enough to hang on your belt, making it an excellent wire stripper for all types of projects.

Suitable For All Wires!

With its versatile design, Universal Handheld Quick Strippers can process either solid or stranded wires from 24 AWG (3/64") up to 0 AWG (7/16")! This feature is perfect for scrappers or hobbyists that don't want to deal with the trouble of changing tools every now and then.


Convenient Blade Replacement

The blade can easily be replaced with a blade from your local hardware store. To replace the blade, simply follow these steps: locate the screw, loosen it, and replace the dull blade.

Package Includes:

  • Universal Handheld Quick Stripper × 1+Replacement Blade X10




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