Tidyful™ Fence Drawer Divider

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Quantity: 4Pcs
Color: White
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Keeps your things organized every time

Space-saving products work wonders. It makes a lovely home and a convenient life!

Just like Tidyful™ Grid Drawer Divider.

It allows you to make small compartments in your drawers to keep everything in order.

From clothes to kitchen utensils, and even specific collections of yours, you can organize them in their own spaces.

You'll be able to never leave your things cluttered ever again.

Plus things are going to be easy to find, too, when you classify and sort them out.

Tidyful™ is made with high quality polypropylene plastic with fence-like structure to help you adjust the partition effectively. It also allows you to build these dividers even out of desk or drawer.

Suitable for any of your desk, cabinet, closet, dresser, or pantry. It's available in different colors to match.

Product Highlights

  • Simple Yet Highly Functional 
  • Practical with Wide Use
  • Durable & Safe
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Space Saver
  • Locate things easily
  • Adjustable Divider


Quantity: 4pcs, 8pcs
Color: White, Light Blue, Light Pink, Green
Size: 32.4 x 7 cm / 12.76 x 2.76 in
Function: Freely combine partitions

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