Thermal Paper Correction Fluid - Security Stamp Identity Protection Roller Stamper with Unboxing Knife

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You can make important data disappear with just one wipe!

Has your information been leaked? This Thermal Paper Correction Fluid with an unboxing knife is the fastest and most effective data remover. It can not only open the box easily but also quickly remove the information on receipts, package labels, etc.

Secure your private information from identity thefts!

Disappears in one wipe, only need to wipe gently, you can make important data disappear. It can easily wipe out all the details on the receipts, package labels, bills, credit card offers, bank statements, tax returns, postcards, junk mail and more.

Privacy Protection Thermal Paper Eraser

This fluid can make the important data disappear. Just wipe the writing gently, and it will remove the ink in the paper easily. There will be a small amount of water after use, just dry it with a paper towel.


Compact Design

No more hassle with hiding your personal details. This Thermal Paper Correction Fluid remover has a simple and convenient design, just open the lid then it is ready to use. Its lid is easy to tighten and can prevent the liquid from leaking. It is lightweight design, carries it with you and long lasting.

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