The Danish Dough Whisk Bread Mixer

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You're there sitting in your grandma's familiar kitchen. Nothing has changed. The smell of her special baked bread permeating across and pass the kitchen. You bite in and it still tastes the best. You wonder, what makes it so perfect? The dough has to be it, but what has to be done to get the right mix of everything? Or would you rather wanna know what makes it perfect?

Presenting: the Danish Dough Whisk

Not like your any other mixer tool. The Danish Dough Whisk features different coil sizes that brings 3D shape in its professional grade stainless steel mixer. It glides and cuts into thin or thick batters and dough and gives you best product you can do even your if your just a beginner. With this whisk, you are also less likely to overdo your batter.


  • Great Bread Mixing Tool - blends mixtures efficiently with no more hidden flour at the bottom and evenly mixed dried fruit ideal for making scones, challah, etc.
  • Easy To Clean - So much easier to clean than a traditional whisk or regular wooden spoon, and the likes. The dough doesn’t just clump up around the bread dough whisk because open dutch dough hook design makes it easy to clean. Compared to other dough whisks the batter doesn't clog up and it is very easy to clean, just rinse it under hot water immediately after using, and nothing ever gets stuck.
  • Easy To Use - Good grip and easy to use for baking -- makes folding and mixing all ingredients much easier. Even easier to clean by just rinsing the danish dough whisks metal part with cold water. No need to use the dough mixer with this.

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