Style & Protect™ Face Shield - Transparent Glass Cover

Size & Variety: Size-M
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Style & Protect™ Face Shield is designed to provide a comfortable wear, introducing a glasses-like structure to reduce uneasy feeling which makes ideal even for a whole day wear.

Ergonomic and Simple: No matter where you are, you can wear easily. If you normally wear glasses, you can just remove its nose pads and simply put it on. It also gives enough space around mouth and nose areas to easily fit face masks of standard size to N95 Respirators.

Smart Design: This Face Shield uses an aerodynamic contours that allows it to be used as wind-deflectors plus it's design is based on the idea of a proper airflow. These features makes it applicable with any activities you do outside.

Highly Functional & Practical: Aside from its lightweightness and smart design, One of its protective features is to act as a barrier on your face, so you don't fall to the habit of touching your face whenever something is itchy or just plain body gestures.


👍 It's important to cover your mouth nose and eyes to avoid getting infected. With Style & Protect™ Face Shield you get to resist this habitual manners formed and lessen the spread of virus.


Cleaning Guide: To reuse it, simply wash with soap water and dry it with soft cotton.


Material:Polycarbonate lens 

Purpose:Anti splash, Wind-Deflector, Face-Barrier

Size: L/M can be sterilized at 120 ° high temperature.

Package Included:

1 x Face Shield - Transparent Glass Cover

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