Smart Toaster with Touchscreen

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Start making all your breakfast favorites with this Smart Toaster with Touchscreen.

Intuitive Technology

Toasting bread has never been easier thanks to its touchscreen with over 34 bread varieties, temperature sensors, and intelligent algorithms.

Quick Heating

With its rapid heating capability, the bread is quickly toasted while remaining moist and flavorful inside.


This can be used to make toasted sandwiches, melted cheese and more. Its algorithms are also designed to work better with gluten-free ingredients with its gluten-free feature.


Just because you can't make your favorite melt on the stovetop doesn't mean you can't get it done in an efficient and mess-free way. This is small enough to put on top of your kitchen counter so you can toast anytime. It's also small enough to fit the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Easy, Tasty Meals

Warms bread without drying it out, retaining 30% extra moisture than all other top-rated premium toasters. Crunchy from the outside but soft and tasty on the inside.

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