Self-Heating Magnetic Therapy Back Waist Support Belt

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Get instant relief and the right back support for accelerated recovery.

With Self Heating Magnetic Therapy Back Waist Support Belt, you get a combined clinically proven magnetic therapy with ionic heat treatment for long lasting and effective treatment for all types of back pains.

It uses a Nano Infrared Thermal acupuncture dot matrix -- a self heating system which warms quickly and relieves pain, increasing blood circulation, relaxing muscles and soothes pain.


COMFORT & RIGHT SUPPORT: This back waist support belt features a High elastic fiber cloth with fine texture and soft handle that enables to be adjusted on different types of body, giving the right snug around the body to provide the aid needed. It is designed as well with vented and breathable elastic side panels to bring more comfort while wearing it. 

NANO INFRARED THERMAL ACUPUNCTURE: This feature provides heating up quickly with long lasting effect. It's main job is to relieve pain by delivering stimulations to the acupoints. It is reported to have significant effects in treatments of fracture, pain relief, neurological diseases, and more.


  1. Protrusion of lumbar vertebral disc, sciatica and/or lumbar hyperosteogeny.
  2. People whose waist need constant warming. (Recommended to be worn under thin garment)
  3. People who always work sedentarily or in a prolonged standing position such as drivers or office workers.
  4. Athletes or people doing regular exercise.

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