Reusable Silicone Anti-Wrinkle Patches

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A Safe & Healthy Non-Invasive Wrinkles Treatment

Each wrinkle patches for face will give you silky, smooth, firm skin, by reducing all fine lines and wrinkles. Smooth facial wrinkles with the this noninvasive facial patches. Hide your age, not your skin!

When used, it helps you prevent new lines caused by facial expressions, sun damage, or aging.

Comfortable & Easy to Apply: Clean the skin, place the face wrinkle patches and forget that you are wearing them. Turn back the clock by starting a good habit of skincare with the wrinkle smoothing face patches.



Material: Silicone


Eye Pad : approx.8x2.5cm / 3.1x1inch

Forhead Pad :approx.15x6.5cm / 6x2.6inch

Chest Pad :approx. 20x5cm / 7.9x2inch

Cheek Pad :approx. 11x7.5cm / 4.3x3inch

Chest Pad :approx. 19x15.5cm / 7.5x6.1inch


Package Includes:

6 x Eyes Silicone Pads

1 x Forehead Wrinkle Patch

1 x Neck Pad

1 x Piece Chest Pad

2 x Pieces Cheek Stick

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