Rechargeable Handheld Spotlight Flashlight

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Brighten your life with this Rechargeable Handheld Spotlight Flashlight. It's the best partner whether you're working in the dark, or going out for a late-night walk.

Brightest Spotlight

The beam distance of this LED Spotlight flashlight, which has a brightness output of 90000, is greater than 500 meters, thanks to the use of improved P50 lamp beads. You can switch between low, medium, and high brightness modes using this flashlight's four illuminating modes.


This Rechargeable Handheld Spotlight Flashlight can be recharged several times. It contains an 8000mAh integrated battery and a USB output connector. It functions similarly to a power bank in that it could charge your devices quickly and conveniently.

Waterproof and Weatherproof

This could be used regularly in inclement conditions such as rain or snow.

Convenient Lighting

Super brilliant headlights, a huge illumination distance, a significant distance, flexible and adjustable. It is portable and comes with a tripod, making it ideal for use outdoors when hiking, camping, hunting, or any nighttime activity.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Multi-Function Spotlight Flashlight
  • 1 x Work Light Tripod
  • 1 x USB Cable

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