Wrist Ball Trainer LED Gyroscope - Arm, Wrist, Hand Strengthener

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Improve your wrist, grip, and arm strength

With a maximum rotation speed of 12,000 rpm, it can generate up to 32kg of resistance, making it the ultimate product for forearm exercises.
Harness this resistance at fast speeds to build serious arm, wrist, and grip strength.
Slow rotation is perfect for gentle rehabilitation, or you can go for fast rotation for up to 60 seconds for a more intense workout.
It features a military-grade polycarbonate shell and a cord-start rotor (string activation).


  • - Automatic start design. Push the core in the direction of the arrow, and start with the internal spring, very easy and convenient.
  • - When it rotates, the cool-colored lights inside will light up. It can add fun while restoring muscle soreness.
  • - Without any strange vibrations, it can rotate for a long time without worrying about it stopping when moving.
  • - The convenient design can be carried anywhere, whether in the office, gym, or at home, it can be used as a toy to decompress at any time, and it can also exercise arm muscles.
  • - Wrist balls can promote blood circulation and increase the strength of fingers, wrists, hands, forearms, biceps, triceps and ligaments, and shoulders, and restore muscle strength.
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