Phantom Blade Sneakers

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Variants: G133 Black Orange
US Size: 5
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Do More in Style & Comfort.

Grab your own Ultra Soft, Lightweight & Comfortable Sneakers everyone's talking about!

These Phantom Blade Sneakers feature breathable air mesh material that allows the foot to breathe.

With its elastic blade soles, you get the high flexibility you need for any action—definitely perfect for any sport and activity!

It showcases one-of-a-kind cool designs in a different splash of colors that will surely turn heads. So whether you're in for a fun activity or just casually out, you'll never go out of style with Phantom Blade Sneakers.

Plus, its Super Lightweight Effect gives you just the right support throughout the day, so you won't have achy feet just by wearing it and just be comfortable.

With Phantom Blade Sneakers, no more reason to hesitate. Move to your own beat.

Free Running: Ensures your feet feel more freedom, allowing you to move the way they were meant to and enjoy the unparalleled pleasure of free running.

Protect Your Ankle: Slip-on ankle design allows you to easily put it on/off. Shoes' tongues and heels protect your feet from hurt in any activities. Provide more comfort.

Slip-Resistance and Durable: Premium Hollow Blade Sole Offers Maximum Durability and Provides the Optimum Cushioning Performance that creates a Slow Shock Jump, Soft, Comfortable, And Healthier Shoe Environment.

Perfect choice to pair with any sport or causal assemble. Suitable for parties, casual, walking, running, indoor, sports, outdoor, travel, exercise, workout, and any occasion.


--------------Sizing Guide--------------

US 4     =  EU 35  =  Heel to Toe 23.0 cm
US 5     =  EU 36  =  Heel to Toe 23.5 cm
US 5.5  =  EU 37  =  Heel to Toe 24.0 cm
US 6     =  EU 38  =  Heel to Toe 24.5 cm
US 6.5  =  EU 39  =  Heel to Toe 25.0 cm
US 7     =  EU 40  =  Heel to Toe 25.5 cm
US 8     =  EU 41  =  Heel to Toe 26.0 cm
US 8.5  =  EU 42  =  Heel to Toe 26.5 cm
US 9.5  =  EU 43  =  Heel to Toe 27.0 cm
US 10   =  EU 44  =  Heel to Toe 27.5 cm
US 11   =  EU 45  =  Heel to Toe 28.0 cm
US 12   =  EU 46  =  Heel to Toe 28.5 cm
US 13   =  EU 47  =  Heel to Toe 29.0 cm
US 14   =  EU 48  =  Heel to Toe 29.5 cm

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