Pet Lick Pad - Slow Feeder for Cats & Dogs

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Color: Orange
Size: Small (6")
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 Keep a healthy habit for your pets.

Whenever you're out or trying to keep them on the tub,

Pet Treat Mat is your perfect partner!

It helps keep pets calm and relieve anxiety because they lick their favorite snacks by licking the surface of the pad to distract them.

And it is not only a treat mat but also a boring buster. A fun, fascinating, and delicious interactive dog toy, dog puzzle, or cat puzzle toy.

In addition, pets licking slow feeder pads can scrape bacteria in their mouths and produce saliva, which is very beneficial to dental hygiene.

This licking pad can improve digestion and reduce swelling.

Training rewards for excellent behavior or dog or puppy training are especially suitable for use during thunderstorms, fireworks, bathing, nail cutting, etc.

Spread your pet's favorite food on the surface of the lick pad,

And when they use their tongue to find every bite, you can create a fun and delicious game for them.


⭐ Easy to Use

Just sprinkle peanut butter, pumpkin, yogurt, or their favorite treats on the pet lick mat, you can let your pets enjoy the time of food.

⭐ Super Suction

The dog lick mat with 72/48 super suction is perfect for multiple surfaces. It sticks to the tiles without any effort. The suction works the best on a smooth surface. Such as tile, refrigerator door, marble, glass, or polished wood/steel.

⭐ Reduce Anxiety, Boredom & Destructive Behavior

Studies show repetitive licking increases endorphins, which in turn calms your pet helping dog anxiety. A great alternative to slow feeder dog bowls. Use our dog food mat to curb destructive behavior during stressful times. It can be used when pet bathing, grooming.

⭐ Easy to Clean

Dishwasher or hot soapy water can easily clean up the residual food from the lick mat for dogs.

Grab this Slow Feeder Lick Pad Today,
And build healthy habits for your pets!


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