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Planning to disconnect for a while and camp out? Surely, only the basic and most important things should occupy your backpack. With water as one of our necessities it's not easy to just bring your own drinking water.

This makes Outdoor Straw Water Purifier, your most immediate water-filtersystem, a must-have for your travel. It allows you to collect water from natural resources and convert it to safe drinking water. Plus, it's ideal to keep not only for outdoor activities but also for emergency purposes.


  • SURVIVAL GEAR FOR OUTDOOR WATER NEEDS - If you want to obtain healthy drinking water simply and quickly, Use this survival gear. The mini and lightweight filtering system are ideal for recreation, hiking, camping. It’s also your good companion for scouting, domestic and international travel, emergency preparedness.
  • PORTABLE & LONG LIFE-SPAN - This straw filtration at only 6.7” long and 1.1” in diameter fits any bottle, cup, or glass. It weighs just 6 ounces and fits in the palm of your hand, pocket, gym bag, backpacks, survival packs and purses. Long lifespan ensures it provides up to 1500 liters(396 gallons) of drinking water. You can take it anywhere you want conveniently.
  • 3-STAGE FILTRATION - Our 3-Stage Filtration system including coarse filter screen, coconut shell activated carbon and hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes which can remove 99.99% of harmful substances(pollution, odor, chlorine and organic chemicals, etc.) and improve the taste. Ensuring the safest water in the worst environments.
  • SMALLER PORE SIZE - We all know that the smaller pore size, the higher the filtering accuracy, Our pore size is 0.1 microns which can filter out 99.99999% of the tiny material. Compared to the 0.2-micron filter straw on the market, Membrane Solutions 0.1microns pore size filter straw maintains the optimum flow rate while maintaining the filtration accuracy.

Package Includes:

1 x Personal Water Purifier Straw

1 x English Manual

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