Nixie Tube Clock

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Cool Retro Aesthetic Nixie Tube Clock

This clock is a combination of modern technologies and vintage Nixie tubes.

It is a perfect gift for your friend and definitely will fit into any interior.

The warm glowing of the neon will fill your house with soft orange light at night and will serve as a night light.

  • Motion sensor. This feature greatly prolongs the lifespan of Nixie Tubes. The motion sensor turns off Nixie Tubes when nobody is near the clock. You can disable this feature in the menu if you want to leave Nixie Tubes always on.
  • Visual effects. Two types of slot machine effect and cross-fading effect.
  • High Quality: Only high quality materials and professional skilled workers are involved in production processes. We also try to automate our manufacturing as much as possible - all SMT parts are soldered by an automated assembly line, and enclosures are milled on a precise CNC machine. As a result, the risk of any errors is minimized.

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