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Go Anywhere with this Smart & Fashionable Self-Heating Scarf.

The all-in-one scarf you need for every chilly day.

This smart scarf is warm comfortable to wear and multipurpose as well.

It covers the entire neck in one wrap and extends its heat from the neck, upper back & lower head, to the chest area.

It's a complete cover to preserve your heat while you're outside.

Made with pure cotton, this scarf gives you a nice cozy feeling that makes it great for outdoors even when it's chilly.

This self-heating scarf is powered by a rechargeable power bank, charge it and plug it with the scarf's USB to use.


⭐ Intelligent Heating: Heats up in 3 seconds with an efficient graphene carbon fiber heating system. Intelligent heating settings (35°C-45°C-55°C/95°F-113°F-131°F) to suit your needs.

⭐ Comfortable Material: Breathable and ultra-light material. Comfortable and soft cotton with decent elasticity.

⭐ Health Benefits: Graphene heating technology and release of 8-9mm far-infrared rays aid blood circulation and help relax tense neck muscles. The position of the heated pad can be adjusted for targeted therapy.

⭐ Human-friendly: The output current is 5V, which is a weak current within the acceptable range of the human body and will not cause harm to the body.

⭐ Long Battery Life: 2000mAh power bank, battery life up to 7 hours. Washable (hand wash and machine wash) (Note: Please be sure to remove the mobile power before washing.)


Current: 5V2a

Power: 5W

Weight: 110g / 0.24lb

Size: 80*10cm / 31.49*3.93in

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