Natural Repellent - Ultrasonic Anti-Mosquito Wrist Band (w/ 3-Block Modes)

Variant: with LED Time Display
Color: White
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Keeps You Protected Anywhere Anytime Against Mosquitoes

Natural Repellent - Ultrasonic Anti-Mosquito Wrist Band has the capabilities to keep mosquitoes away from the person wearing. It's effective in repelling for about 70% to 80% as it simulates specific sound frequencies that affect mosquitoes. Ideal for everyone from babies to elders. Read more of its details below:


  • Natural & Innovative Wristband: This product exhibits an eco-friendly way of keeping off mosquitoes away. It produces an ultrasonic sound waves, inaudible to most adults, that creates sound barrier from the mosquitoes. No need to apply lotions, use chemical gases, and other hassle tricks.
  • Reusable and USB Charging: With built-in aluminum polymer battery, you can just recharge this smart wristband. No needed for replacements.
  • Three-Blocking Modes: These blocking modes enables different levels of  frequency.
  • 1st Gear: Daily Inside Use

    2nd Gear: Outside Use

    3rd Gear: Silent Mode

  • Extra Features: It's water resistant for about 3 bar which can stand daily activities of hand washing and splashes of water. Plus, to make it more ergonomic, this wristband offers a variant with digital clock display making more useful, coming with another feature that is mostly ideal for everyday.
  • Stylish and Convenient: Repellent made easy to use and wear. Its made of silicone strap that fits well on everyone's wrist and comes in its most modern look for your daily sartorial choice.
    NOTE: Pink Variant is only available with LED Time Display.


    Input: 5V/1A

    Output: 34Hz-70KHz

    Charging Time: about 30 minutes

    Life Time: 130h

    Colors: Black, White, Pink

    Weight: 50g

    Package Includes:
    1* Natural Mosquito Repellent Wristband
    1* Charging Cable
    1* Instruction Manual

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