Multi-function Magnetic USB Cable

Color: Silver
Size: 1M
Type: Type C
Sale price$19.99


"No more stress on cables causing failures."

Needing to charge you phone immediately but the cable won't get recognized? Or it keeps getting connected and unconnected repeatedly?

Oof... That's a hassle.

But what we got here is a solution for that:

Grab this Smart Magnetic USB Cable that gives you a convenient and long-lasting charging connector for Android, iPhones, tablets, etc.

This convenient one-for-all magnetic phone charger features three (3) magnetic adapters compatible for iPhone, Type C and Micro USB. No more plugging or unplugging cable wire from your phone that may cause loose charging ports. This also makes the plugging process easier with its natural repulsion from the magnets. Just a simple magnetic 'click' and all is set.

This fast charging cable is also showcasing strong magnetic adsorption that makes it easy to attach on the cable and does NOT fall off easily. In addition, it has low power consuming LED indicator to remind you for charging your device; and an L-shape ergonomic design for its magnetic head, so you can freely hold your phone without a hindrance when charging.

To complete this one-for-all cable, the nylon braided charging cable adds durable value for this cable.

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