Motion Sickness Patches - 36pcs Children's Adult Motion Sickness Stickers

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Safe way for almost anyone who has struggled with motion sickness!

Motion Sickness Patches is designed to help relieve symptoms of motion sickness and vertigo. The patch contains a soothing combination of herbs, flowers and vitamins that naturally help restore balance and relieve discomfort. This medication-free treatment makes it easy to travel, see friends or relax without worrying about getting sick.

This patch will relieve your discomfort by providing soothing relief during travel!

This patch helps to relieve motion sickness, improve your overall health, and helps to relax you when you're feeling nauseated. This product will allow a user to travel easily without getting sick because it has been constructed with small and light-weight to fit in your pocket, bag or suitcase, perfect for bringing with you everywhere!

Simple to Use

It is a super-easy way to relieve motion sickness. Simply remove the protective layer and apply the adhesive patch behind or on your belly, behind your ears or even on the navel. The patch may be worn for up to 10 minutes before taking a trip and lasts approximately 1-3 days.

Safety Information about this Motion Sickness Patches!

Do not use it on allergic skin, on wounds or damaged skin, or if you have motion sickness. Keep out of reach of children and pets. It is also not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women for children under 4 years of age.


Name: Motion Sickness Patch
Patch size: about 4.5*3.5cm/1.77*1.37in
Weight about: 30g

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