Mini Wireless Power Bank

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Color: Black
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Tired of your phone dying at the worst times?

Take control of your battery life with a single snap of Portable Power Bank.

Stop worrying about where the closest wall outlet is, or how long your battery will last.

Product Features

☑ Say Goodbye to Cables - our simplistic wire-free design guarantees you will never deal with annoying messy wires again. EVER.

☑ Charge anywhere, at anytime - Imagine the freedom of charging your phone anytime without being stuck standing next to a restrictive wall outlet. Carry our Mini Wireless Power Bank in your pocket, purse, or bag, anywhere & everywhere you go. 

☑ Built-in Smart Protection - With our integrated intelligence chip, this mini power bank will charge your device 50-75% at a time. This safeguard technology offers protection against harmful battery overcharging & overheating. 

Studies show it is best to begin charging around 20% and stop near 80% for optimal battery longevity.

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