Mini Bed Cooling System

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Blanket Size: Single (63 x 27.5 inches)
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Are you ready for something better than a cooling blanket or a cooling comforter for night sweats? 

Our bed cooling system will regulate your body temperature and provide you with a better night's sleep. 

A cooler bed helps you fall asleep faster, decreases insomnia, releases melatonin, and decreases the risk for metabolic elements.

✅ STAY COOL: Stay cool all night long without high electricity with this home sleep cooling system

✅ EVAPORATIVE COOLING: Unit chills a gallon of water that then uses evaporative cooling to circulate through your room

✅ REMOVES BODY HEAT: Flows evaporated water through a thin PVC mattress topper to remove trapped body heat

✅ BELOW ROOM TEMP: Capable of chilling water 7 to 12 degrees below room temperature

✅ ACCELERATE COOLING: Fan and surface area increasing membrane accelerates the evaporation process

How It Works

Chilled water circulates through a PVC vinyl mattress cooling pad. The chilled pad removes body heat, cooling you to the desired sleeping temp. After the water has absorbed your body heat, it's returned to the Mattress Cooler and recirculated.

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