CompressPro™️ - Advanced Leg Compression & Massager Wrap

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Alleviate Pain, Accelerate Recovery, & Relax.

A busy, fast-paced lifestyle has you on your feet pretty much 24/7. And when it’s time to train or wind down at the end of the day, your legs are sore and achy!

Our aim with the CompressPro™️  is to provide you with a reliable device that will help you recover quickly, loosening up tight muscles and breaking up stubborn knots, and allow you to do what you love, without limitations.


✔ 3 INTENSITIES AND 6 MODES - The leg AIR circulation machine comes with three intensities (Low-Middle- High), six modes, and an optional (targeted) heat knee massager for pain relief. 

Adjust every therapy session according to your needs for that day. 

Secure your legs with the attached straps, use the handheld remote control, sit back, and let your feet, calves, and thighs loosen up and relax.

✔ 360° LEG COVERAGE AIR COMPRESSION TREATMENT - An intensive workout regime requires ample recovery time to avoid injury and reach peak performance levels. 

Our electric muscle stimulator machine targets your legs, loosening up tight muscles and breaking up stubborn knots.

It promotes venous return and has the potential to drain excessive lactic acid, even with 1 hour of use per day! Fit for 5'1" up to 6'2" tall.

✔ INCREASED BLOOD FLOW DECREASED INJURIES - As you get older, you might experience pain and soreness. 

You can use the leg compression massager for circulation every day, or whenever you need it to improve blood flow. 

Our foot and leg massager is made with high-quality breathable fabric and is durable for long-term use!

Designed for athletes. Beneficial for everyone.
Grab your own CompressPro™️ NOW.

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