Leather Repair Patches - Self-Adhesive Patch for Sofas, Couch, Furniture and Drivers Seat

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Color: khaki
Size: ROLL 40cm x 120cm
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Do you have trouble that your leather furniture has always been damaged by babies, pets and sharp objects?

At last! With the Leather Repair Patches, you can finally bring your favorite furniture back to life. Whether it's a couch or chair in need of a little beauty or just some new stitching, we've got you covered. It seamlessly repairs cracks, rips, burns, and damaged leather items, offering a flawless touch-up to any old or torn areas.

Reliable Material Control

It is made of high-grade PU leather fabric material, which is smooth to the touch and can repair the texture of the sofa. It can be pasted on various surfaces and can be easily removed without leaving residues and has a longer service life.

It can be apply to all

The  Leather Repair Patches can be used in any situation that requires a renewal of aging leather and vinyl surfaces. Damaged surfaces are found in any vehicle such as automobiles, aircraft, marine craft, or any furniture such as sofas, or chairs.

Strong Paste

This is more durable leather and non-residual adhesive, do not drop, paste for a few seconds, and leather never leaves scratches. Non-toxic and environmental protection, wear resistant, waterproof and durable.

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