Kitchen Pan Organizer w/ 8 Adjustable Non-slip Tiers

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Variants: 8 Wires
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Tired of having to pull out every single skillet you own just to get your largest one?

This Kitchen Pan Organizer can go in a cabinet vertically or horizontally

It holds five or four pans, depending on how you set it up and works just like that file holder you have on your desk at work.

Features & Benefits

  • Saving cabinet/countertop space and managing pans well
  • This pan organizer is great for organizing pans, lids
  • Find your best Installation: vertical/horizontal free standing or mounting by screws (screws included)
  • The rack accommodates up to five pans with vertical installation (or four pans with horizontal installation)
  • 5 Tires Size:38 x 21 x 25.5 CM
  • 8 Tires Size:38 x 21 x 52 CM

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