RazorSharpPro™ Kitchen Knife Sharpening Tool

Sale price$109.99


Sharpens, hones, and polishes your old knives–give your chef knife and butcher knife a makeover!

No need to buy those specialty sharpeners for your knives, RazorSharpPro™ Kitchen Knife Sharpener sharpens ALL your dull knives in seconds, unlike an electric knife sharpener or sharpening steel that can only sharpens a couple different types of blades.

It features two independent spring-action arms made of tungsten carbide that contour to your knife’s edge better than a knife sharpening stone. Made from quality materials for quality results, this Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener has the superior sharpening technology as it can process your knife as if it's a newly bought one, fast and easy.  

It hones knives through burnishing out any deformities and realigns the blade. To sharpen your blades, simply pass through the Knife sharpener on a 35-degree angle.



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