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Show Your Kids That Learning Can Be Fun!

Want to enhance your child’s cognitive and handwriting skills in a fun and motivating way that sets them up for a successful future? Then the Magic Practice Copybook Set is a must-have!

This magic practice copybook set contains a variety of exercises that help your child’s visual and motor memory develop a proper look and feel for correctly composed letters, numbers, drawings, and more. Modeling, mimicking, and continued practice helps your child build essential handwriting skills while also improving their memory and focus.

The Magic Copybook Set contains 4 books: 

Number Copybook: Teach children numbers in a fun and easy way.

Alphabet Copybook: Learn the English alphabet and practice writing skills.

Math Copybook: Help kids to learn how to calculate, add, subtract, and more.

Drawing Copybook: Draw, illustrate, and identify various objects.

These workbooks can be used over and over as the pen’s ink will fade after drying so the handwriting automatically disappears, and your little one can practice as often as they want!

Perfect for all ages, this series of workbooks is an ideal educational and learning activity for parent-child bonding as well.

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