Keyless Virtual Keyboard PRO

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The Most Portable Keyboard For Travelers

If you're the type who can work almost anywhere or work on the field every day, then this virtual keyboard is a good match for you!

You can have any small devices like mobile phones, tablets, or iPad to travel with you and this Keyless Virtual Keyboard PRO is your key tool for better working on little typing.

It uses laser technology that enables the device to pick up the corresponding keystrokes from the user's hand. It can easily pair to any Bluetooth device and has a battery capacity of up to 2 hours.

It also features a mouse/touchpad function where you can move around the laser area to move the mouse pointer or zoom in and out on the screen. 

Note: This product needs to be placed on a flat, clean, opaque, non-reflective interface. There is no obstacle within 5 cm of the circumference of the host computer and the projection keyboard. High brightness under the sun or strong light can affect clarity. 



Keyboard name: KB560S

Keyboard weight: 60g

Keyboard size: 7.8 cm*4cm*1.9 cm

Projection size: 10 cm 24 cm

Connection method: Bluetooth (if there is no Bluetooth, a Bluetooth adapter is required)

Battery capacity: 700mAh(MAX)@3.7V

Lifetime: 120 minutes

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