JOYLIVE Superb Water Gun

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Color: Yellow
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Win the water game with a blast from this Superb Water Gun.

Be prepared for super-fast water blasts that explode all around you. Water gun battles will never be the same. 

With sleek design meets technology that is not from this world.

The Superb features a Single-Shot-Technology that sets it apart from average water guns. The SpyraTwo also has a fully automated pump, a high-tech tactical display, and the Power Shot for extra impact.


⭐ Simple Control: The built-in battery of this water gun is charged USB-C. the battery capacity is 2000mAh, it can be filled with water 50 times, and the longest range is 12M for 1200 shots. Automatic Water Renewal, Super Recoil Feeling, Display Water Storage Status Happening.

⭐ This Superb Water Gun will change your view of other ordinary water guns. Pull it to launch a powerful stream of water and push it forward to activate an automatic pump that can only fill your tank for 12 seconds.

⭐ You can enjoy the water shot while maintaining a constant pressure, and you can accurately hit the target up to 7.5m away with about 30ml of water. The built-in filter filters out small particles and maintains 25 jets under constant pressure, pulling the trigger to fill water.
JoyLive Superb Gun Care

After a successful water battle, please make sure to store your water gun safely. For this, your water gun must be completely emptied. After the water volume drops to 00%, point the water gun down while pulling the trigger for up to 5 seconds to start an air shot. Two dashes (- -) will appear on your display.

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