Intelligent Posture Trainer - Correct Body Figure, Vibration Reminder

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Do you sit hunched at a desk all day, suffering from dreadful posture and tech neck?


Modern Life Is Destroying Your Posture


If you suffer from the following, our posture trainer has been created for you:

A stiff neck. Tension headaches. An unsightly hunchback. Digestion issues. Body Aches. Difficulty Breathing.  The list goes on. 

You have the power to make a change!


When you slouch past 25 degrees our device vibrates to remind you to sit with immaculate posture.

After just three weeks of use, you will have perfect posture that would make an army sergeant proud. 


Eliminate Neck Pain, Back Pain & Headaches


In as little as one week of using our vibrating posture trainer, you'll notice significant relief in your upper back, shoulder and neck region. 

If you suffer from: Neck Aches, Tension Headaches, Shoulder Pain & Back Pain, then our device has been made for you! 

You can finally say goodbye to the pain of poor posture, and hello to the pain-free life you deserve!

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