Immovable Little Wooded Man Funny Magic Toy

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Got kids interested in magic shows?

Then, they'd surely love to receive this gift!

Presenting: Immovable Funny & Unbreakable Wooded Man Magic Toy!

Made of wood material, let your kids discover their talents and enjoy fun moments with you while learning the 'magic' behind. For younger kids, a show with this toy will make them laugh and entertain just like a puppet show. With this wooden toy, you can let them have fun and amazed at the same time.

Simply connect them with its thin magic strings and practice to familiarize the know-hows of pulling off the trick.


Magical Movement: It moves as if the spectator watches CG animation. The magical Daruma jumps to avoid hammer. Even it is knocked down and collapsed, it magically re-shapes (re-builds).

Educational Toy: This toy can mobilize the child's brain, let him think, how to hit the wooden block toy will not fall, cultivate the child's thinking ability and hands-on ability,Improve children's coordination through games.

Interactive Game: In order to remain mysterious, you need a certain distance between you (the performer) and the audience (the audience). It is recommended to use a living room size show to demonstrate this magic.


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