High Pressure Showerhead, Hand held with Fan, Built-in Filter, Turbo Propeller

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Color: Silver
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 Turbo-charged High Pressure Showerhead for the Ultimate Cleanse!

Experience powerful showering with the High-Pressure Shower Head.

This Turbo Fan-boosted design uses Micro Nozzle technology to create more intense pressure in your shower, increasing the flow of water by up to 200% while saving up to 30% of your water consumption.

With a simple twist of the head, you can fully adjust it to any angle so that all areas of your body are thoroughly cleansed.

This powerful showerhead also comes with Triple Filtration functions, making sure that no impurities can make their way into the water, such as dirt or heavy metals.

Not only is this better for your own health, but it also locks in moisture for shinier, softer hair that looks and feels great - perfect for preparing for a night out or an important meeting without spending hours on end in the hair salon.

With this High-Pressure Showerhead, you can enjoy a powerful showering experience at home while still being kind to both skin and wallet!

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