Hands-Free Crutch - Leg & Knee Mobility Support

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Crutch for: Left Leg
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Ankle Injuries? No problem.

You can lean on this Hands-free Crutch. 

The Knee Crutch Support is hands-free/pain-free mobility for below-the-knee non-weight-bearing injuries. It's safe, effective, and provides medical benefits you don't get with crutches or knee scooters.

✅ Functional independence

✅ Tool-free assembly

✅ Go up or down stairs safely and easily

✅ Clinically proven

✅ Inexpensive and effective

Get your life back with this amazing Hands-free Crutch. Whether you want to take your dog for a walk, run an errand to the grocery store or get back to work, you can do that with this knee mobility crutch.


  • Push button height adjustments for upper and lower leg height.
  • Fully adjustable straps with comfort pads.
  • Quick release buckles on/ off in seconds.
  • Ergonomic knee platform with three layers, dual density pad.
  • Adjustable Height:  the upper leg length is a minimum of 30.5 cm to a maximum of 46 cm, and the calf length is a minimum of 35 cm and a maximum of 51 cm.
  • The bottom non-slip design, non-slip material, strong and wear-resistant, and effective grip make your travel more convenient.


Consult with your physician before you purchase, if ANY of the conditions listed below apply to you, or if you have any doubts about your ability to safely use this crutch.

* Balance issues/vertigo

* Poor circulation 

* Use of pain medications 

* Hip or knee replacements 

* Restricted flexibility or movement 

* Tibial tuberosity or Osgood Schlatter 

* Arthritis or other pain in legs, feet, hips, or back 

* Chronic lower back pain. 

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