Handheld Mini Electric Sewing Machine - Heavy Duty Machine with 128pcs Sewing Kit

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This lightweight machine helps you make quick repairs and changes on the go!

It's perfect for any sewing project! This Handheld Mini Electric Sewing Machine is lightweight, compact and can be taken anywhere. Take her to mend that ripped seam on your daughter's favorite dress, or take her with you on a business trip - from quick alterations to more complicated sewing jobs, this little gem can do it all!

Faster and easier than using a needle!

With this machine you can sew garments and accessories without fear of making mistakes. 4xAA batteries are required and the machine can be used after inserting the leash. It also has intelligent automatic sewing that automatically recognizes the type of fabric to be sewn and adjusts the speed accordingly.

The perfect gift for anyone who loves to sew!

Sewing is a great hobby and this is perfect for anyone wanting to get started. It is an ideal gift for anyone interested in sewing. It's a tool with endless uses and a great addition to any craft enthusiast's collection.

This is the sewing machine you've been looking for!

This Handheld Mini Electric Sewing Machine is perfect when you just can't finish. No matter what you want to sew, this portable machine can do it. With a simple hand crank you can fix curtains without having to take them off; repair clothes without taking them off; Fix sheets without having to strip the bed and so on - all in just a few minutes!


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