Golf Swing Motion Training Aid, Posture Corrector, Swing Trainer for Beginners, Improve Golf Swing

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Swing Like a Professional Golf Player!


-Effectively correct and align golf swing posture

-Increase club head speed & ball speed

-Adjustable length to fit any arm length

-Perfect for practice or pre-round range sessions


Invented by one of the world’s leading coaches, our Golf Training Aid is trusted by champions to achieve the vital combo of wrist hinge, forearm rotation & shoulder turn, adding power & consistency to their game. 

Using premium materials, our golf grip trainer delivers the durable quality you can depend on.

While many golf training aids aren’t user-friendly, leading to frustrating practice sessions, our simple-to-learn golf arm training aid is designed for both beginners & seasoned pros alike. 

Configurable for a range of swing types, hand sizes & arm lengths, this golf aid features a comfortable shoulder cushion, ergonomic padded grip & stroke-adjustable angle.

A cut above the average golf swing aid – this unique warm-up stick packs the potent punch of feel-based learning in a single golf tool. 

After using our golf aids over a 2-week period, independent TPI assessments showed significant improvements such as increased x-factor swing strength, pelvic acceleration, average ball speed, and ground force through a tighter center of gravity. Great for senior golfers to improve flexibility.

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