General Funnel Flexible Oil Draining Funnel Tool

Size: 37 x 17cm
Sale price$24.99



Easily drain hard-to-reach oil filters without a mess!

With this simple tool, transferring liquids/dry ingredients from containers to bottles is easy-peasy! It's possible even while keeping the counter free from spills.

In addition to draining and filling fluids, this general funnel can be used in a wide variety of applications including diverting water dripping from a pipe, filling birds feeders and filling fertilizer containers.

Suitable for automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, industrial equipment and lawn equipment, this funnel sizes 37 x 17cm.


✔ Flexible Properties for easy shaping and create the perfect custom funnel. 

✔ Reusable for thousands of times. 

✔ Edges can be molded around to create a leak-proof seal

✔ No more mess: keeps oil off of engines, frames and surrounding parts.

✔ Easy after use: Just wipe it clean and store flat or rolled to fit any toolbox.

✔ Works in temperatures from -30℉ to 425℉

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